About us


PSP®-Headquarters, Bonn

Built in 1883 
Acquired in 1986, occupied in 1992
more than 500 sqm self-used office space
10 parking spots in the court yard
3 minute drive to the autobahn/highway
5 minutes on foot to the Central Train Station of Bonn
25 minute drive to the airport of Cologne/Bonn

PSP International Sp. z o.o. is a longstanding personnel consulting firm in Poland. Our client-base consists of German, Western European, Anglo-Saxon and Polish companies.

Our principal field of activity is the search and selection of specialists and executives.

PSP International Sp. z. o. o. is part of the international personnel consulting group PSP®, headquartered in Bonn, Germany. The Polish branch, domiciled in Warsaw, was founded in 2001.

Our service encompasses the search and selection of professional and managerial staff, i.e. specialists and executives.

Our clients are both Polish medium sized companies as well as German, Western European or Anlgo-Saxon companies in search of qualified personnel for their Polish branches.

Methodically we focus on ‘executive search’, colloquially known as ‘head hunting’. This method entails intensive and thorough market research before contacting the ideal candidate discretely and directly.

Depending on the nature of the search assignment, it is possible – albeit not always deemed sensible - to support the search through an advertisement in the print media or on the internet. This step is taken in consent with and upon the explicit request of the client.

All of our consultants and secretaries speak English.

It goes without saying that executive search projects are carried out with the same high quality standards applied in the sister companies in Germany and Hungary for over 25 years now.

Each search and match is tailored to the demands and needs of our client. As tailor-made solutions call for proper measurements, we aim to thoroughly understand the particulars of a vacancy. Every appointment thus receives the outmost attention to detail, and is carried out in the best possible way.

Our consultants draw upon many years of professional experience. The assignment of our consultants to specific projects is thus driven by their individual knowledge and experience in different industries.