Your application for a position

We look forward to making your acquaintance.

If you would like to apply for an advertised position, we encourage you to use the online form provided on this site. However, applications reaching us via post or email are equally well accepted.

In order to speed up the application process, we ask you to consider our guidelines concerning the formal set up of your application.

Furthermore, we consider it a matter of course to observe restriction notices. Please list the concerned companies in your cover letter.

If sending your application by post, please use the following address:

PSP International Sp. z o. o.
ul. Sienna 82 
Pl-00 - 815 Warszawa

If you choose to send the application by email, please use this email address:


Please state the title of the advertised position as well as the five-figure reference code as the subject matter in your email and/or cover letter. The subject matter should thus look like this: ‘Application for [Title of the advertised position] Reference code [XXXXX].

The following paragraphs depict the representative course of events ensuing your application for an advertised position.

  1. The receipt of your application will be confirmed promptly, usually within a work day or two. Your marked restrictions (restriction notices) are strictly observed.
  2. The review and classification of your documents takes time. In addition, unforeseeable events beyond our control can sometimes slow down the process. Our past experience shows, that we get back to you latest after about three weeks. Often, you hear from us much sooner.
  3. Should the process take longer, we have the habit of informing you about the delay.
  4. In case you are among the most promising candidates for a position, we invite you to a personal interview with the consultant in charge of the project. Detailed information about our client, the company structure as well as the vacancy itself is given in this interview.
  5. Subsequent to the interview, we ask you to share your thoughts. Likewise, we give feedback.
  6. Our client thereafter specifies the list of potential candidates whom he would like to meet.
  7. In the next step, the selected candidates meet the client personally. These interviews including the client, the candidate as well as the consultant are mostly arranged through our offices. Please note and understand that we do not coach or prepare you in any way prior to this interview. We believe that the encounter between a candidate and his potential employer should be as authentic as possible. After all, the goal is a perfect fit between you, the respective vacancy, and the client. Any form of behavioral and/or content-related advice to you from our side is potentially damaging to this fit.
  8. Again, we ask you to share your thoughts about the meeting with the client afterwards. Our consultant will likewise provide feedback.
  9. We also set up any further meetings between you and our client.
  10. Where necessary we will ask you for references on behalf of our client. Given your consent, we will then contact these references.
  11. We contact all applicants in writing latest after the closure of an advertisement. Furthermore, we naturally return all application documents sent by post.