Formal guidelines

The observance of our formal guidelines when preparing your application documents facilitates the review process.

The following formal guidelines assist you with the composition of your application papers. They have been tried and tested over many years, and enhance comprehensibility, completeness as well as manageability.

  1. Please ensure that all documents are provided in the pdf-format.
  2. Please separate your documents into three files:
    1. Cover letter
    2. CV
    3. Certificates/References
  3. Files should not exceed the size of 5 MB. This may be especially relevant for a file containing scanned documents (e.g. your certificates). You are welcome to send two separate files if necessary.
  4. The titles of your files should be put together as shown in the following examples:
    1. Mr/Ms [First Name, Last Name] Cover letter Reference [Reference code of the advertisement].pdf
    2. Mr/Ms [First Name, Last Name] CV.pdf
    3. Mr/Ms [First Name, Last Name] Certificates.pdf
      It is not imperative to include your certificates and/or references immediately. You can send them upon our request at a later point in time.
  5. Contents:
    1. Your cover letter should not exceed one to one-and-a-half pages including the letterhead. Please describe briefly where you see the connection between your capabilities/ your professional experience and the advertised position. Also, please explain your motives for changing your job. Furthermore, we recommend to state your notice period, and specify your financial status quo as well as your salary expectations.
    2. The CV should be in tabulated form with events set in chronological order. Outline your employment history incl. the company name, a short depiction of the company (area of operation, size, and structure), your job title, your main tasks and (supervision) responsibilities. Finally, please add your language as well as your IT skills.
    3. Your diplomas/certificates/references should be sorted in the same chronological order as found in your CV.